What to Expect at our Office

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First Visit

During a patient’s first visit to Stoffels Chiropractic in West St Paul, you will be greeted by Pam, our office manager, and asked to fill out some initial paperwork.

Once the initial paperwork is done, Pam will escort you to a treatment room. Dr. Wolff will then perform a detailed exam and determine the nature of the problem and discuss and questions a patient may have.

It is our policy to adjust a patient on their first visit. After making the adjustments the patient will be instructed on icing or heating the area in question help with inflammation or swelling.

Second Visit

When a patient arrives on their second visit, they will be asked to enter a treatment room, where they will be met by one of the Dr.’s. The patient’s spine will be re-examined to determine progress and changes made by the first adjustment. After the re-exam the Dr. will discuss any changes and move on with the second adjustment.

When necessary the patient will be instructed on icing or heating the area in question and asked to make another appointment with Pam on their way out.

Regular Visits

During each visit the patient will be given their individual treatment room, where the doctor will palpate and evaluate the patient’s spine. The reason we make sure to examine the patients spine is to determine the progress being made and how much the adjustments are improving the motion of a particular spinal joint. A typical visit can average about 10 minutes, some longer and some shorter depending on the circumstances for that day.

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